Dalton Utilities Speed Test

Dalton is well established as a provider of ultra-quick Internet service since propelling one of the principal civil Fiber-to-the-Home networks in 2003. The dispatch of GIGLink™ in 2018 made Dalton home to some of the fastest Internet in the U.S., by making available a dedicated Gigabit service to every single home in the network.

Today, Dalton Utilities' OptiLink raises the bar even further by reporting the debut of 10 GIGLink™, a 10 Gig residential service offering the fastest Internet speed available in the world to a residential subscriber.

Today, Dalton Utilities' OptiLink announced the debut of 10 GIGLink™, a 10 Gig residential service offering the fastest Internet speed in the world to residential subscribers.

The FCC currently defines broadband as 25Mbps down/3Mbps up. The new 10 Gig service bears downloads and uploads up to 400 times faster than the national average and 100 times faster than the "up to" speeds advertised by neighborhood competition.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that these networks are basic infrastructure, supporting economic development and enabling access to advanced tele-education and tele-medicine resources outside of nearby network resources.

The US market for keen technology devices inside the home is projected to reach $78.5 billion by 2024, ascending from $7.05 billion out of 2019. With this rise in shrewd technology, which offers a completely interconnected, easy-to-control environment inside the home, our new service places our area squarely in the nexus of the digital revolution. While 10 Gigs might be more than most need today, Dalton will be ready for everything Internet in the future.

Dalton Utilities, in operation as an open utility since 1889, provides potable water, electrical, gaseous petrol and wastewater treatment services to the City of Dalton and parts of Whitfield, Murray, Gordon, Catoosa, and Floyd counties. Beginning in 1999, Dalton Utilities branched into telecommunications with broadband services to large industrial/commercial customers. With the 2003 dispatch of its OptiLink group of services, the organization presently provides broadband, cable TV, telephone, and Internet services to area residents and businesses. Dalton Utilities serves approximately 50,000 customers and employs over 300 area residents.

Dalton Utilities Speed Test

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